The Botox Diaries

Botox Cover

Single mom Jessica Taylor is trying to make it past forty with nothing more than moisturizer and a swipe of mascara. Her glamorous best friend, TV producer Lucy Baldor, has a different idea of aging gracefully. She has taken a very famous lover, and though her husband is bound to find out, Lucy’s too wrapped up in the joys of expensive lingerie to care. Jess lands in her own romantic predicament when her sexy French ex ends up back in her life—and in her bed. Whether navigating bake sales or bagels-and-Botox parties, who would have thought forty could be so much fun?


A book you can’t put down…a hilarious new novel offering a fresh and irreverent take on the lives and relationships of women in their forties.


This summer’s must-have beach read!

–ABC-TV, The View

A sexy romp…following down-to-earth Jessica and glamour-puss Lucy through plastic surgery, interludes of lust, and celebrity overkill—all of which leads them, charmingly, back to the basics of being best friends.


Read it! [An] homage to female friendships.

Marie Claire

Funny, fictional account of a woman facing her early forties while juggling a preteen daughter, her bust friend’s adulterous affair and the lure of plastic surgery.

US Weekly

Sex, shoes and shopping reign supreme in this playful summer read…Breezy and humorous, providing poignant peeks into the reality-TV world.

TV Guide

Fast-paced and with a zinger on every page.

The Washington Post

Moneyed suburban moms are the belles of this midlife romantic comedy. . .will fit the bill for those still mourning the end of “Sex and the City.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Juicy tell-all novel…witty. Capturing the fun of the dishy, chick-lit genre of “Sex and the City,” “Devil Wears Prada” and “Bergdorf Blondes.”

The New York Times

A midlife-crisis bonbon which should be sold with fuzzy slippers and a tube of cucumber eye gel.

The New York Times Book Review

Chipper, hilarious and loaded with bubbly girl-talk, it’s a fantastic beach read.

The Star

Funny and wise…the author’s respect the tenuousness of personal happiness—and any woman’s desire to have some of it.

Organic Style

Follow two 40-something best friends trying to navigate love, sex, motherhood and the inevitable call of plastic surgery in [this]funny new novel.


Post Bridget Jones confection

Toronto Star

Snappy dialogue, hilarious and loveable characters, and enough tension to keep the pages turning.


If you’ve never been to a bagels-and-Botox party or had a session with a Tantric sex therapist…listen up, ladies, because Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger are here to bring you up to speed.

Chicago Sun Times

Will sell like hotcakes…candid, witty. “The Botox Diaries” succeeds. It’s an object lesson in the trade-off of aging.

New York Post

Two femmes face…40 with humor, Botox and endless aplomb. Watch those worry creases turn to laugh lines over this one.

Boston Herald

“The Botox Diaries” delivers a message of empowerment. But don’t worry; it never spoils the lunacy

The Journal News

“The Botox Diaries” has found a way of…setting itself apart from the pack. Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger have created very likable and very real characters…wrinkle-free and thoroughly enjoyable.

Warning! Reading this book could cause laugh lines! May also lead to sleep deprivation—since once you start, you won’t be able to stop. I loved it.”

–Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada

What mid-life crisis? “The Botox Diaries” is the perfect antidote to scalpel scandals and yoga yuppies…far, far more satisfying than a carb-free éclair will ever be.

–Karen Moline, author of Belladonna

“The Botox Diaries” is a romp that lauds the ‘tender’ virtues we all embrace. Try not to deepen your laugh lines as you follow the adventures of these two lovable grownup girls.

–Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

Talk about a lift! “The Botox Diaries” is a potent injection of humor and insight.

–Jeanne Wolf, host of Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood