Mine Are Spectacular

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In the wealthy suburb of Hadley Farms, divorced mom Sara Turner is juggling a new fiancé, a new TV career, and a Newcomer’s Club that throws sex-toy parties. Her oldest friend Kate Steele is a successful Park Avenue skin doctor whose office is always packed with the city’s crème-de-la thin. Meanwhile, Sara’s new neighbor Berni Davis has just quit her career as a wildly-successful Hollywood talent agent. Pregnant with twins, she’s leaving behind her A-list parties, and trading in the fast track for the cul-de-sac.

At an age when women expect to find doors closing, these three friends are all on the brink of new beginnings. A fresh, funny novel that is both touching and laugh-aloud funny, Mine Are Spectacular a must-read for every woman who knows you’re always the right age for new adventures.

Reviews of Mine Are Spectacular!

“A funny, buoyant novel…[the authors’] have crafted a novel that’s so delicious readers might feel compelled to diet after devouring it. Their combination of whip-smart dialogue, spot-on metaphors and the occasional steamy bedroom scene creates a hilarious hit that gives chick lit just the kick to keep it from going stale. As Sara’s girlfriend Berni might remark, Mine Are Spectacular! is better than a box of bonbons.”

People Magazine
Four star lead review

“Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger are deservedly renowned for their ability to document the social habits and favorite trends of wealthy women… Like the body-positive mantra that inspires its title, the book is meant to be an affirmation. They deliver… moments of sharp, funny recognition.”

The Chicago Sun Times

“Sex, indeed, is still happening in the suburbs. In Hadley Farm, the fictional village of Mine Are Spectacular!…the women tend to be fiercely loyal to each other and ferociously funny.”

The New York Times

“Dreading a whole summer without new episodes of Desperate Housewives? Not to worry. This new offering from the authors of The Botox Diaries makes Wisteria Lane look like Sesame Street.”

New Jersey Life

“Full of hilariously over-the-top situations… [with] a steady stream of witty zingers… A welcome addition to hen lit and a great choice for a summer read.”

Book Page

“The adventures of these three women will leave readers in stitches.”

Cincinnati Library

“A humorous novel filled with interesting characters and even more interesting story lines…A lot of laugh out loud scenes throughout help to keep up the light-hearted pace.”


“Although I’m no where near as fabulous as the irrepressible Sara, Berni and Kate in Mine Are Spectacular! by Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger—the duo who whipped up midlife crisis fun in The Botox Diaries—I am at least fabulous-adjacent enough and age-appropriate enough to laugh at their 40-something adventures as go-getters who have a knack for going after the wrong thing.”

–Lisa Schwarzbaum review, More magazine

“The co-authors of The Botox Diaries reprise their flighty, feel-good formula for women’s fiction with their second novel…A cotton-candy read…for a day at the beach.”

Publisher’s Weekly