A Job to Kill For

JobtokillforThis second Lacy Fields mystery again stars the talented mom and decorator-to-the-stars. When Lacy’s beautiful young client Cassie Crawford dies in her newly decorated L.A. penthouse, Lacy is stunned to find suspicion land on her own best friend Molly Archer. Determined to uncover the truth, Lacy puts her own life at risk as she confronts a crazed reality show producer, a dangerously clever professor, and a hunky bad-boy motorcyclist. But is husband Dan right when he warns that their family is about to become the killer’s next target?



Reviewers say…

Kaplan embroils her plucky heroine in the search for the murderer of one of her wealthy clients. Kaplan is a keen observer of Hollywood’s catty culture…she also knows how to craft a satisfying plot.
–More Magazine

Lacy is like a young and chic Jessica Fletecher…Like Angela Lansbury’s creation Mrs. Fletcher, Lacy seems ripe for TV incarnation. Lifetime TV, what are you waiting for?
–Liz Smith

Starring the intrepid Lacy Fields, the mild-mannered interior decorator and surgeon’s wife who can’t keep out of trouble. Very much in the spirit of the Kate White-created Bailey Weggins.

Kaplan’s fun, breezy second mystery to feature L.A. interior designer Lacy Fields…While Lacy’s Dolce & Gbbana shoes suffer damage near story’s end in a tight fix Edgar Allan Poe might have devised, Lacy’s blithe, la-di-dah spirit remains unscathed.
–Publisher’s Weekly