For World Gratitude Day Try To See The Good In Life

From the Chicago Tribune op-ed

As an experiment, social psychologist Paul Piff once invited people to play Monopoly, then he rigged the game. He selected two players, but one was given twice as much cash to start the game and received twice as much cash each time he passed Go. The lucky player rolled two dice on each turn, the opponent rolled one.

At the end, when the winners were asked to explain their success, they would describe their talent for the game and the clever strategies they had used. “Almost nobody attributed their success to the initial flip of a coin that got them into their position of privilege,” Piff reported. Continue reading

A Paycheck is No Substitute for Thanks

From the Boston Globe op-ed page  9.5.2015

THE ORIGINS of Labor Day are slightly hazy, but the US Department of Labor points to one of the likely originators as Peter McGuire, a union leader in the 1880s who wanted to honor workers “who from rude nature . . . carved all the grandeur we behold.”

On Monday we will continue to celebrate the grandeur of work. But isn’t it time to do something about the rudeness? Fair pay is important, but we also need to change to a culture where people are appreciated. Continue reading

My Strangely Amazing Year of Living Gratefully

from The Daily Beast

At a dinner party in a sprawling apartment on Park Avenue, I brought up the topic of gratitude—and everyone looked down at their plates in embarrassment.

Had I brought up Caitlyn Jenner, sex slavery, or women menstruating through their eyeballs, nobody would have finched. But gratitude? Not in polite company, dear.

I had just spent a year living gratefully and writing about it in my new book The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking On The Bright Side Can Transform Your Life.

I am neither sappy nor spiritual, and while I eat kale and quinoa, I’m not new age-y. I don’t Continue reading