Powerhouse Performances of 2014

Bradley Cooper appeared on Broadway this year half-naked. Neil Patrick Harris wore fishnets and high heels. Hugh Jackman mystified in wading boots. All were terrific, and it was a thrill to watch big stars give powerful, knockout performances that didn’t depend on their names or fame. They proved themselves as serious, hard-working actors. Continue reading

Best Plays of the Year

from The Daily Beast/ 12.27.13

10 Best Plays of the Year: Richard III, No Man’s Land, and More

This was the year that British actors took over Broadway and showed just how good they are. In addition to being thrillingly talented, they performed shows in repertory—which could be seen as showing off. Americans responded with one brilliant take on a classic, and a host of clever and quirky shows that proved creativity in theater hasn’t been lost. At least twice this number were worth seeing, but here are my ten favorites of the year.